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Developers Needed
    tremul - 2002-03-11 08:48   -   Kde Instant Messenger Client
I am seeking developers to help with the Kimc project. I need someone who can code C++ and QT. Send me an email if you are interested. Also anyone who is interested in web design or project graphics. I am not very good with GIMP and would appreciate some help in that area.
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    tremul - 2002-03-10 17:26   -   Kde Instant Messenger Client
I am now back from spring break and work should recommence shortly on kimc. Unfortunately I have tons of work to do this week and next. Georgia Tech really lays it to us from time to time.
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kimc-0.2.0 Released
    tremul - 2002-02-28 12:21   -   Kde Instant Messenger Client
I finally got the chat functionality fixed and uploaded the new release.

I did come upon a discovery while I was botching the release. Apparently several people have in fact downloaded by code. So I guess I'm not speaking to an empty room anymore.
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Spring Break
    tremul - 2002-02-28 09:44   -   Kde Instant Messenger Client
I am about to go on spring break which means that there will be no updates starting sometime this weekend and lasting throughout the week. Afterwhich there should be a signnicant code update(maybe another release). I should be having another release sometime today. So all one or two people who are actually looking at this project can get a new version.
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CVS fun
    tremul - 2002-02-25 23:02   -   Kde Instant Messenger Client
Apparently the CVS statistics are not recognizing that I am actually commiting files. If this persists much longer then I will contact sourceforge but at this time I promise that I am commiting files.
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